Katie Orcutt

Katie is a diverse Director, Animator and Storyboard Artist. As a specialist for over 10 years, she has created and led story-driven teams for companies such as Mill Film and Activision. She is currently leading animation at Microsoft's Turn 10 Studio.


In 2014, she left Amazon the company to travel to Amazon the rainforest, documenting her travels in a web comic called Orcapod.  Since then, she has been all over the world - by plane, boat, bus and foot - and bit by wild monkeys, stung by Amazonian tree wasps, and camping in jungles with indigenous tribes. Throughout all of these adventures, she has directed various animations, authored and illustrated over 30 children's books, maintained a daily instagram series called "Lump Lumpy" and driven a camper van for over 30, 000 miles. 


In her spare time she rides horses, practices yoga, and dresses up her dog in a formal top hat for parties.



"Animation is about creating the illusion of life, and you can't create it if you don't have one."

-- Brad Bird

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