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Katie Orcutt --  Animator, Artist, Axplorer


I've been in the video game industry for about 6 years, specializing in 3D and 2D animation, storyboards, concept art and pulling pranks. On November 17, 2014, I quit my job at Amazon Game Studios to live in the Amazon rainforest instead.


Did you know that there are about a billion things that can bite you in the Amazon? Everything. Everything wants to bite you. One day, while you're fishing for piraña, you'll get stung by a tree wasp and for the next five hours it will keep stinging you. Comically large mosquitos will pierce right through your seam-sealed Northface coat and straight onto another mosquito bite, because your body is covered in them. Do not - for the love of God - DO NOT get close to a monkey, no matter how friendly the locals say this one holding the teddy bear is. It WILL try to steal your camera, it WILL bite the sh@# out of your leg, and you WILL go to the hospital except oh wait no you won't, you're in the middle of a jungle.  Look, the selfie with Marcel is not worth it - this is why we have google image search.

Traveling solo around the globe has taught me a thing or two;



1. My happiness heavily depends on whether or not I have access to firm Q-tips and have somewhere other than my bed to hang a wet, soggy towel.


2. Wild animals do not know how to properly deal with conflict.


3. 6 months is 5 months too long to live without my dog.

Lets make something together

I spent my year snorkeling off desolate Caribbean islands and hiking for days with an indigenous tribe to an ancient city in the clouds. I met hundreds of lovely strangers turned friends, got lost in jungles and rode horses through misty rivers. I've attended workshops and spent a month living & studying yoga at an ashram in the Catskills. Now that i'm happily back at my desk working again, my creative cup is overflowing. I'm on the lookout for where my next contribution will be, collaborating with other great thinkers and creative minds.




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