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What else happened?


I was in a farm town called Salento when I met Agka, Sama, and Curly - three 22 yr old Isreali girls, ripe from the army. Did you know that in Isreal, everyone under the age of 18 is forced to join the military? Boys for 3 years, Girls for two. Sitting around the bonfire together, I was shocked to learn that these sweet, vibrant young girls - not yet old enough to rent a car - were war veterans. We chatted and laughed and were getting to know each other the proper Colombian way, when my phone went off. Bzzzz bzzzz. 


Tanya the Russian,

Hey! We are are headed to Brunch Cafe to watch a movie!  Want to come?


Of course! Sounds great. Can I bring a friend or two?  Sure.  Hey, Israeli girls from the army with wounds that are still fresh, want to come watch a movie?  Sure, they say!  Off we go, down the dirty brick road, past the cow and around the drunk latino on his donkey. We arrive at Brunch, the place where the old white guy in town has a projector in the back of his restaurant. "Hey Tanya! What movie are we playing?"


And that's how I ended up watching "American Sniper" with a guy from Miami, a Russian, and 3 crying girls from Isreal.


In case you're wondering, Curly was also a sniper.



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